Be There Even When You Are NotPeace Of Mind
Personal Solutions

Personal security is an important factor in everyday life.

Do you worry about your child walking to school? Do you have an elderly parent that is looking to maintain some independence but from time to time gets a little confused? Do you have a son or daughter attending college or university and are concerned for their safety on campus? Do you have a friend or family member with special needs?

A personal SOS device with GPS might be the perfect peace-of-mind solution.

Home & Vacation Property Solutions

In today’s world, you are looking for more than just an alarm system for your home or cottage. Not every security event is an emergency. Keep track of what is happening at your vacation property when you are home, and keep watch on your home while you are vacationing or at work.

Our Free EnvisAlerts service along with the EnvisaLink 4 interface board makes your new or EXISTING Honeywell or DSC security system into one of the most economical options for keeping in constant connection with your properties through your computer or smartphone.

Business Solutions

Improve the overall security of your business property and your employees by using EyezOn solutions for business. Our EnvisAlerts service can work with your new or existing DSC or Honeywell security systems and give you more control over a traditional security system using various internet devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

With our GPS solutions keep track of your property, your staff and your equipment. Provide your employees with security options to increase their overall safety on the road and in the work environment