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DUO™ IP/LTE Dual-Path Security Module For DSC/Honeywell Panels

Dual-Path Control

The DUO™ IP/LTE is a full DUAL-PATH solution in one form factor. It is a powerful TCP-IP and/or LTE based bus-level interface to DSC PowerSeries* panels and Honeywell Vista* panels. It allows you to view the status of and even control your alarm panel through a standard web-browser or smart-phone. The DUO™ also supports a special Stand-Alone mode that allows it to form the base of a customizable full security system on its own.

EyezOn LTE Service

A subscription to the EyezOn LTE service as well as a qualifying base service is required for the DUO to operate in LTE mode. The DUO will operate like an EnvisaLink without a subcription. You can pick from either the EnvisAlarm Monitoring Service or Envisalerts Plus Service and add the EyezOn LTE service for only $4 per month on top of the base service cost. SIM is included.*

EnvisAlerts Service

With the addition of the EnvisAlerts service your control is enhanced and can be extended to anywhere in the world. EnvisAlerts also allows you to specify e-mail or SMS addresses to receive alarms, arms, disarms and more.

With the EnvisAlerts Service

With EnvisAlarm Service (Optional)

Enable full-UL/C grade alarm monitoring over your DUO with the addition of the EnvisAlarm™ service.


Service Choices (To use LTE)

You can choose one of the following combinations (monthly charge shown):


Fully Upgradeable

As new software features become available the DUO™ is easily upgraded over the network and automatically keeps itself up to date.

Plays Well With Others

Through the built in TPI (third party interface) the DUO™ is already compatible with many major home automation systems and numerous 3rd party Android and iPhone apps.

Note: Included SIM will expire after one year if not activated.*

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Module Features

  • • 100BaseT Ethernet Support
  • • Diagnostic LEDs to speed installation
  • • Remotely upgradable to allow for new features and services
  • • EnvisaLink TPI – local programmer’s and integration interface
  • • EnvisaLink Expansion Header – add new hardware modules as they become available
  • • Simple to hook-up
  • • Built-in basic web server and html user-interface
  • • 128-bit encryption
  • • Local Arm/Disarm/Zone Bypass/PGM Control
  • • Multi-Partition Support
  • • LTE CAT-M1 & NB-IoT
  • • GSM 4G
  • • SIA and ContactID
  • • SIM picks the best local carrier
  • • No programming required
  • • Status LEDs
  • • Horizontal or vertical mount
  • • DUO module may be mounted up to 50m (150 feet) from the alarm panel if necessary
  • • LTE antenna may also be extended from the DUO module by 10m (30 feet) with optional coax cable


  • • Power Draw: 90 mA nominal
  • • Connectors: RJ45, 4-Terminal Spring-load Bus,Expansion Connector
  • • Dimensions (Without Antenna): 142 mm (5-5/8") 90 mm (3-9/16")

Included In The Box

  • • DUO LTE Module (SIM card included. Please note if SIM is not activated within 1 year of purchase it will expire.)
  • • Antenna
  • • Hardware Kit
  • • Installation Guide

Panel Compatibility

  • • DSC PowerSeries (1555, 1555 MX, 1575, 5010 (832), 5020 (864), 1616, 1832, 1864) How do I know I have a DSC panel?
  • • Honeywell Vista Panels (Vista 10P, 15P, 20P, 21iP, 48P, 128P, and 250P)