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Medical Alert (Personal Emergency Response) Solutions

A Medical Alert System (Personal Emergency Response System or PERS solution) can help keep the elderly or people with special needs in their homes longer. An EyezOn SOLO medical alert system provides a powerful and flexible solution with no monthly fees required! ( Scroll down for more... )

Considering Assisted Living?

As the aging population increases, most elderly people, when asked, would prefer to stay in their own home as long as possible. SOLO medical alert system is designed with this in mind and notifies loved ones about any unusual activity or non-activity.

Contacts can also monitor the activity or be alerted anytime or anywhere via the mobile app or web portal... Learn more

Medical Alert System No Montly Fees


Why pay another monthly bill?

You want a system that allows you or a loved one such as an elderly parent to achieve greater living independence but not at a "break the bank" price every month!

Some competitor's solutions can be as much $50 per month. EyezOn SOLO has no required montly fees. The worst thing you can do is hand someone a system to help them achieve greater living independence but then also hand them another monthly bill!

While we do offer some optional services for those who want them such as full UL/ULC monitoring, most customers are find the suite of services available in the free EyezOn cloud service all they need, which again means no monthly fees! Just buy the system, hook it up and that’s it... Learn more

No Montly Fees


Automated peace of mind

With additional wireless sensors and the use of inactivity timers you can receive automatic warning alerts if for example, a medicine cabinet hasn’t been opened in days or no activity on a certain motion detector. This smart monitoring adds another level of peace of mind in between physical visits.

Think of it as an automated wellness check... Learn more

Automated medical alerts